Bogo Expert Pool Spa

Swimming Pool Construction, Renovation and Maintenance

Are you building a pool or spa?

We are your dream builders.

We build, design and repair pools of all types and sizes depending on our customers wishes.
We have experience in outdoor, indoor and also natural ecological pools which create a harmony between your environment and nature.

We take care of interior (decoration), construction of Spa centers, as well as for their equipment and maintenance in a professional way. 

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Our Specialization


We create the pool you always wanted in your house or garden


The best place to experience heat sessions for a healthier living. We create that.


Designed to improve your lifestyle and offer a better way of taking care of yourself

Natural Swimming Pools

We build your natural, self cleaning pools that blend into the natural landscape

Salt Rooms

A completely natural way to take care of your skin and breathing issues through salt therapy

Pool maintenance equipment

Swimming pool maintenance and disinfection equipment

Our Gallery

Our staff is always driven by passion. We aim to give our clients the best results and highest quality. Being attentive to details and focusing on professionalism, is how we do the job. Here is a gallery created to present you our work on pools, spas and more.

Want to build your Dream pool?

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